Support for New Moms

As an acupuncturist specializing in maternal care, I offer various treatment options to support new moms. This article describes other, non-medical, ways that they can be supported.

“While physical gifts are thoughtful, if you’re a close friend or relative, what a new mom will really appreciate are small acts of encouragement and kindness in the days after delivery.”

Examples include: cooking dinner, getting groceries delivered, providing compassionate emotional support, asking specific questions when helping:
“Often, new moms get asked things like, ‘What can I do?’ or ‘What can I bring?’ With all the things going on in mom’s head, making another decision is hard. So, use more focused questions like ‘Is it OK if I do the dishes?’ or ‘I made you cookies, when can I drop them off?’ or ‘Where’s the diaper bag, I’ll change him.’”

The article also describes what to avoid – baby visits, welcome parties, and giving unsolicited advice.