Acupuncture for Postpartum Depression

A really interesting podcast from NPR discusses postpartum depression experiences and myths.

“An estimated one in seven women experiences depression during or after pregnancy. Among some groups, such as teenage moms and women with a history of trauma, the rate can be even higher. Left untreated, depression during this time can have serious consequences on the health of the mother, the baby and the entire family.”

“…depression during and after pregnancy (called perinatal depression) is treatable, and women with the right treatment do recover.”

The article lists five things to know about postpartum or perinatal depression:

  1. Depression and anxiety can be complications of childbirth.
  2. It’s helpful to know what symptoms to look for.  The article describes depression and anxiety symptoms and their frequency.
  3. Ask for help – work with your healthcare provider.
  4. Contact Postpartum Support International, a nonprofit that helps women and their families find support for postpartum depression.
  5. Build self-care into your life.

Abigail offers acupuncture services to help women maintain their physical and emotional health during and after pregnancy.