Acute and Chronic Pain Relief

Abigail Ballaban at ASK Acupuncture incorporates Integrated Pain Management techniques in her practice to help patients with traumatic injuries and those experiencing acute or chronic pain. Abigail’s pain patients are reporting outstanding results, with pain reduction evident after a single treatment. Everyone she has treated who walks in with pain, reports immediate and lasting relief after experiencing this style of treatment.

Abigail also offers a no-needle pain relief self-care kit for the times when getting to the acupuncturist feels like too much.

Japanese Style of Acupuncture

Abigail completed post-graduate training in Integrated Pain Management using a Japanese style of acupuncture developed by Kiiko Matsumoto.  She has been incorporating  this gentle and non-invasive style into her practice with traumatic injury patients, as well as with chronic pain patients.

Distal Acupuncture

This treatment style uses primarily distal acupuncture, meaning the majority of the points selected for acupuncture are located from the knees down to the feet and the elbows down to the wrists.

Pain Conditions Abigail Treats

Examples of pain conditions Abigail treats include:

  • headaches
  • migraine
  • back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • arthritis
  • hernia
  • joint pain
  • post-surgical pain

Contact Abigail Ballaban

Book your free consultation below or text or call Abigail at (503) 389-8938 to discuss your specific situation. Let Abigail show you what it’s like to live pain free. Visit Abigail’s blog to read the articles she selected for her patients on how Chinese Medicine heals pain and how it helps cancer patients.