Facial Gua Sha

Abigail Ballaban at ASK Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon, offers Facial Gua Sha treatments to patients who would like help in maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance, and minimizing sagging skin and wrinkles that can come with age.

What is Facial Gua Sha?

Facial Gua Sha is a needle-free treatment used to rejuvenate the skin, smooth out wrinkles, and increase circulation.  Facial Gua Sha treatment is considered part of a comprehensive rejuvenation program. It is particularly helpful at addressing areas such as the neck and jowls, which are prone to sagginess. The increased blood supply helps to detoxify the face.  The increased circulation nourishes the skin and makes it healthier. After the treatment, the skin typical feels smoother, tighter and plumber, and looks brighter, with a glow. Applying Chinese medicine for facial rejuvenation can result in a youthful appearance that is noticeable. Facial Gua Sha treatment is suitable for sensitive skin.

Gua Sha tool is a specially crafted hand-held piece of smooth jade, amethyst, or rose quartz that leaves the patient with silky smooth and glowing skin. The treatment with the Gua Sha tool may include the following:

  • Sculpt and tone facial muscles,
  • Invigorate the skin,
  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Drain lymph notes,
  • Reduce puffiness,
  • Relax facial tension, and
  • Increase blood supply.

Benefits of Facial Gua Sha

Patients often notice improvements with:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Hyper-pigmentation,
  • Acne and acne scars,
  • Dry or dull skin,
  • Dark circles,
  • Puffy eyes,
  • Redness,
  • Skin sagging,
  • Rosacea,
  • Melisma,
  • Eczema, and other skin conditions.

How Does Facial Gua Sha Work?

During Facial Gua Sha treatment, acupuncture points on the face are massaged with the Gua Sha tool, which benefits not only the skin, but the internal organs as well. The better the patient’s liver and kidney are working, the healthier the skin will appear.

What Facial Gua Sha Is NOT

  • Facial Gua Sha treatment is not a traditional Western facial – it does not include steaming, extractions, or a mask.
  • Facial Gua Sha treatment is contra-indicated for patients who are pregnant or suffer from chronic migraines.

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