Quantum Shiatsu

Quantum Shiatsu is a bodywork modality that involves acupressure-style massage performed through clothing. The practitioner applies pressure to body points along the meridians, raising the vibration in the body, and activating the layers of energy around the body. Quantum Shiatsu recognizes human beings as multidimensional, with physical energy within our bodies and outside of them.

Quantum Physics and Shiatsu

Principals of Quantum Physics are integrated with Shiatsu techniques to unify physical energy inside of us with the energy around us, resulting in the overall amplification of vital energy and leading to “Quantum Coherence”. The practitioner uses One Meridian system, where all twelve meridians connect with each other in a single energetic flow that affects all body functions. Accessing the energy in each meridian can activate “Quantum Coherence”, eliminating energy from problem areas (pathogens) and increasing healthy energy.

Who Developed Quantum Shiatsu?

Pauline Sasaki developed Quantum Shiatsu in the early 1990’s. A master practitioner of Zen Shiatsu at the time, she had experiences with her clients’ energy that went beyond the parameters of Zen Shiatsu. Pauline Sasaki studied principles of quantum physics and metaphysics and became aware of the transformational energies present in our environment. Her work helped patients adjust to the instabilities of their situations, become more comfortable in their bodies, and expand their experience of themselves, opening the possibility for great change.

Quotes by Pauline Sasaki

“Quantum Shiatsu is a style of bodywork that recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of energy in the physical body. Most styles of shiatsu base their theory and practice solely on the ancient principles derived from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Quantum Shiatsu goes a step further and incorporates concepts from Quantum Physics that illustrate how the physical body can work as an expanding and contracting field of energetic vibrations. When we access this part of our physical makeup, we open ourselves up to the full spectrum of energy that is available for human use.”

“We are able to feel how the energetic body can expand and create a larger body of vibrations which we call the Ether body. This Ether body has the ability to expand into an even larger body called the Astral body. When we access each one of these expanding bodies, we tap into more of our potential for healing and self-realization.”

“In Quantum Shiatsu, we take advantage of this vast pool of energy by infusing it back into the physical body through the process of contraction. We accomplish this by incorporating meridians, pressure points, chakras, and the virtual strands of our DNA into Shiatsu technique”.

How Does Quantum Shiatsu Work?

Quantum Shiatsu interacts with the meridians, makes space in the body, and activates the layers of energy around the body. Work on and around the body incorporates the energy of light back into the physical form. Quantum Shiatsu is not tying to fix something that is wrong in a patient, but rather it aligns patient’s energy with what is strong and expansive, integrating the whole.

Quantum Shiatsu is light and fast, and allows the patients to become aware of and connect to the energy beyond the limitations of their physical body. The benefits of Quantum Shiatsu include, but are not limited to, pain relief, stress reduction, and a sense of deep well-being.

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